CPM Workouts April 13 – 18

Monday: Taking some Back Squats and adding a twist! Making them plyometric with BB Jump Squats. Be mindful when adding weight, you may not need much. Let the coaches help direct you on this one. The conditioning piece is unilateral work. One Dumbbell 3 awesome movement to challenge core, balance, hips and legs.

Tuesday: This is a great opportunity to get more proficient and stronger with Power Cleans. Working up to a strong 2 rep and using a percentage of that weight for Part 2 of the workout and adding Wall Balls and running.

Wednesday: No barbell needed for Wednesday. We have 3 very basic movements: Squats, Pushups and Pull-ups and turning them plyometric as well. Challenging your entire body.

Thursday: Part 1 is a partner high intensity Rowing with Rest. The goal? Row your Tail off and rest while your partner goes! Part 2 it is re-test we did way back on November 11, 2013, here is a LINK. This time we are doing Toe to Bar instead of Burpees… You’re welcome:)

Friday: Changing up the Friday theme this week. Athletic mix of box jumps and one of the best core exercises on the planet! Followed by another ‘Beat dat Clock’ edition of running, pushups and KB Swings.

Great week ahead!

The O-Board Says…

A. EMOTM 10:
5 Barbell Jump Squat
*Add weight; enough for resistance, not too much to stay explosive.

B. 3 rounds for time:
26 DB Snatches
26 DB OH Sit Ups
26 DB OH Walking Lunges

Post by Chris; @cmoknows