CPM Workouts – April 20 – 25

Quote for this Week… FITNESS it’s not something you achieve and forget, it’s something you attain and maintain. -Bonnie Pfiester

Monday: Strong Push Presses with 3 options for KB Swings (A. Double B. Alternating C. Regular). Great upper body and core combo. Then we are running, box jumping and heavy Farmer carry.

Tuesday: Building off last week’s Power Cleans we are simply picking up heavy weight with the Deadlift. Deadlifts are so benifical for many reasons, come in and learn (re-learn) how to be most effective at it.

Wednesday: First exposure of SLAM BALLS if you missed last Saturday’s workout. 20 minutes of lunges, slam balls and running with the SB. Talk about an ab-ripper!

Thursday: High volume cardio on Thursday. As always we have options:) Take this opportunity to train the mental side just as much as your physical body. #AnniesHeaven

Friday: Hearing alot of good feedback on last Friday’s workout. Well, we have another edition of ‘Beat Dat Clock”. This time, light thrusters, running and Toe to Bar.

Live Better!

The O-Board Says…

EMOTM For 10min
ODD: 15 Push Presses
EVEN: 20 Kettlebell Swings

4 Rounds For Time:
200m Farmer Carry
20 Box Jump
400m run

Post by Chris; @cmoknows