CPM Workouts April 6 – 10

Monday: Lots of fast paced high intensity! Goal is to achieve as many rounds as possible (AMRAP). Work to do the Push Presses unbroken, or with one/two breaks, more than that is too heavy. Toe to Bar and Box Jump keep a smooth pace and minimize how long you take breaks.

Tuesday: A blend of Heavy Front Squats and various uses on the wall for some gymnastic and core strengthening exercises. Bringing out the best of the barbell and bodyweight movements. Lots of variety!

Wednesday: Cardio palooza! This could be more a mental test than a physical. Anyone can do this is a matter of keeping your attitude positive and chip away at the reps. Have mini set goals and use the clock to keep yourself on track… Ahh I know you want to know but it will have to wait until Tuesday night. Rowing and burpees is on the menu.

Thursday: PT Grinder for 20 minutes to start. Great Mid-Week low intensity stretch and movements to recover from the week and prep part 2 of the day Thrusters and Pullups.

Friday: The 3rd and last installment of the Friday themes of chipper/HIGH volume. Lots of reps and lots of movements. Perfect #guiltFree Friday workout.

The O-Board Says…

AMRAP 18 Minutes of:
15 Box Jumps
12 Push Press
9 Toes-to-Bar

—Cool down—
200 M walk/run
20 Walking Lunges
10 Inch Worms
5 Scap Pullups

Post by Chris; @cmoknows