CPM Workouts: July 13 – 17

CPM Workouts: July 13 – 17

Quote for this Week…

You can have RESULTS or excuses NOT BOTH. 


Monday: 15 minutes of Running and Dumbbell work. Thrusters, Shoulder to Overhead and Max Alternate Snatches. The Max Snatches is a Max set that you are trying to beat the clock!

Tuesday: Snatch and Overhead Squat Combo for the strength/skill portion of the class. Then a great partner workout with rowing and Snatch + Overhead Squats.

Wednesday: Its a 30 minutes cardio monster! A checklist of rowing, Burpee Pullups, DB Deadlifts, Sit to Stands (no zippers ladies:) Dips, Pushups and Running… Whew! Maybe we will turn on the A/C?? Maybe not??

Thursday: Pushups and Pistols (one leg squats) for a skill/strength work. And a crazy partner workout we’ve never done before! A chase down your partner of running and farmer carries… I’m excited about this one!

Friday: (2) 8 min AMRAP’s. Max Back Squats with a Double Under pace breaker. Rest 2 minutes. MAX Hang Power Cleans with a Air Squat pace breaker!

Cheers to Living Better Than Last Week!

The O-Board Says…

AMRAP 15 Minutes
800m Run
30 DB Thrusters
600m Run
30 DB Shoulder to Overhead
400m Run
Max Alt DB Snatches

Post by Chris; @cmoknows