CPM Workouts: July 20 – 24

CPM Workouts: July 20 – 24

Quote for this Week…

The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” ~ Bruce Lee 


Monday: Rowing and lots of lower body movements (Lunges, wt Step Up’s, Box Jumps, Jump Squats) *Pushup alert* there will be a healthy dose of pushups in the warmup.

Tuesday: We are a partner palooza! Kicking it off with partner Bear Complex. Follow by a 3 part series with sprints and KB work (snatch, swings and squats).

Wednesday: Cardio Junkies Wednesday is for you again! High volume of rowing and double under’s.

Thursday: Power Cleans of triples for our strength session. Follow by a beat the clock involving a % of that clean weight, toe to bar….

Friday: Push Press and Front Squats with descending sets but there is a caveat…

Cheers to Living Better Than Last Week!

The O-Board Says…

5 minutes of Rowing
4 minutes of Lunges
3 minutes of Weighted Step-Ups
2 minutes of Box Jumps
1 minute of Jump Squats

Post by Chris; @cmoknows