CPM’ers Spring is in the Air …

CPM’ers Spring is in the Air …

Spring is officially here! While just the sound of that makes me smile knowing that warm nights, lake visits, and sun are near it also brings many wonderful health benefits as well.

When spring hits, it’s hard to feel down in the dumps. Add longer days and the return of sundresses. The good news is that all the things we love about spring are surprisingly good for us, too, so with a big smile on your face, pack up your winter gadgets and trade it in for the bikes, BBQ’s, and bathing suites.

Farmers Markets are Back!
this is the time of year where fruits and veggies are in their prime!

Daylight is turned back On: With more light becomes more vitamin D allowing sun to help you be more active outside which helps with depression, bone and muscle health, and overall illness prevention.

Clean out the Clutter:
Now is the perfect time to come out with the old and in with the new; Get a fresh start by deep cleaning your home, office, car, garage, closets, etc .. This will help you stay free of pesky colds and avoid allergy season all together. For a bonus it will also keep you active and burning some calories too.

No more winter skin.The cold harsh weather is gone which can be very detrimental to our hair and skin. Spring is the best season for our skin and hair because it is sunny but not yet humid and really helps and harsh winds that wreak havoc on your skin and hair

Spring is in the Air and I couldn’t be Happier!

The O-Board Says…

A. Clean and Jerk
every 90 seconds

B. 40 Clean & Jerks for Time (135/95)

*Every 5 Reps , perform 50 double ups

Posted by: Annie