CPMFITness Grading Scale…

CPMFITness Grading Scale…

What would you grade yourself with your exercise and nutrition since you’ve been apart of CPMFITness?

When I meet with someone for their Nutrition Check-In (LINK for more info) that is my question I ask everyone.

Think back to when you attended grade school. You had various classes and subjects (math, history, spelling, english, etc…) to equip you with the knowledge you needed to graduate school, get a job and thrive in your lives. The rule of thumb in your schooling was the better grades you received the more results you would achieve in life.

CPMFITness is just like that for Health and FITness. We provide classes 6 days a week for adults to attend and you have the opportunity to work with your Coaches (i.e. Teachers) individually, Personal Training. Our two major departments are exercise and nutrition.

I. Exercise (output; moving your body) would include the following = basic gymnastics, lifting weights, running, rowing, plyometrics, mobility/flexibility, etc…
II. Nutrition (input; feeding your body) = macro nutrients, hydration, essential supplements, meal frequency and meal quantities.

Straight A’s (90% +) will get you far in life. B’s (80%-89) %are considered above average. C’s (70’s%) are your average students.

CPMFITness #get2thegym Grading Scale….

I. Exercise (# of  Workouts)
A = 5+ classes a week
B = 3 classes a week
C = 2 classes a week

II. Nutrition (Compliant Meals)
A = 17+ meals a week
B = 15 meals a week
C = 10 meals a week

The O-Board Says…

4 Rounds for Time: (35min cap)
30 KB Swings
30 Slam Balls
800m Row (run)

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