CPMFITness Week of Workouts: April 25 – 29

CPMFITness Week of Workouts: April 25 – 29

Quote for this Week…

Don’t be upset by the results you didn’t get, with the progressions you didn’t do.

Monday: AAA Challenge begins… Part A = Evil Wheels?! Part B we are partnering up for a cardio blaster! 200m Sprints + Double Unders and 400m Rows and Slam Balls. #doubleTrouble

Tuesday(Strength Day) = Snatch! Thai Planks for the Abs. Snatch work. And a compelation of DB Thrusters, Toes to Bar, Box Jumps, Burpees and Running.

Wednesday: The ‘300 Ab Workout’ to start! Part B we are doing our ‘Meaty‘ AMRAP. Think running, air squats and work with the dumbbell.

Thursday: Hollow Holds and Side Planks for the Abs… A killer strength’ess Hang Power Clean, Ring Dip and Pullup (Rope Climb if applicable) for Part B!

Friday: Situps and Toe to Bar for the ROCK hard abs part. Rowing, Box Jumps and Overhead Squats for the strength’ess / conditioning piece!

Cheers to chasing excellence!

The O-Board Says…

Part A.
50 Evil Wheels
(50 inchworms)

Part B.
P1 = 200m Sprint
P2 = MAX Double Unders

P1 = 400m Row
P2 = MAX Slam Balls

Post by Chris; @cmoknows