CPM Week of Workouts: July 10-14

CPM Week of Workouts: July 10-14



Monday: (Strength Day) Part A: 1RM Back Squat?  followed by 5-rounds for time of rowing, KB Swings, and Bar?? Up’s!

Tuesday:  Part A: Rowing + Abs followed by a conditioning 5-rounds of toes to bar, push-ups, goblet squats and a Run!?

Wednesday: We start the midweek off with the Shoulder Youghh aka Mobility. This is something we can all incorporate into our daily routine to help with tight shoulders. Part B: For those of you who participated in the FNL this WOD may look familiar: 10-rounds of thrusters paired with doubles?❗️ 

Thursday: Cardio Trio of Rowing, Running and BJ’s! Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot! ???

Friday: (Strength Day) Part A. 2RM Overhead Squat?  followed by a 20-min AMRAP of OH Squats, Doubles and Lunges.

Great finish to the week! #get2thegym

The O-Board Says…

A. Back Squat

B. 5 Rounds for Time
300m Row
15 KB Swings
3 Bar Muscle Up’s (10 Pullups)

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