#CPMGO Shirt Day!

We are updating the pics on our website and we want you to be apart of it. Today during the 5:30p CPMFIT and YogaFIT classes we encourage everyone to join us, sport your #cpmgo shirt and we will ROCK the house!

The word on the street is you burn more calories and get more ripped with the shirt on!

We will be taking pics of the warm-up, workout and yoga class and we need you as CPM models.

Come get famous with us!

Today’s Workout:

The Bear Complex (Lets just say those shirts will be creating a lot of sweat angels after this one cuz it’s a BEAR)!

It consists of 5 rounds of 7 sets of the following sequence:

  • Power Clean
  • Front Squat
  • Push-Press
  • Back Squat
  • Push-Press

You can’t set the barbell down until each round is complete. Rest as needed between rounds, but keep increasing the load on the barbell until you find your max. Your score is the max weight with which you were able to complete a full round.

Post by Annie.