CPM’s Best Year Yet …

CPM’s Best Year Yet …

Do you ever look at someone’s life and wonder “Why that can’t be you”?

Did you ever think of the fact that it could? …

First step would be to get clarity on what it is you even want out of life i.e clear the confusion? Successful people are typically successful because they have identified what 1-3 things they want to excel at. Next start to write goals on how you can get there by following those 1-3 things. For example If I want to be psynonemous with fitness in the world, that is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal and how am I ever going to get there?

Here’s How:

Define your 1-3 behaviors that will get you to your goals. What actions or steps do I have to take to daily to do this ….

1. Tell 1 person everyday about CPMFITness
2. Place a Video or picture, or quote each day on @ least one social media outlet
3. Pre-Plan your day the night before .. and have Non-negotiables in your life to not allow yourself to get off track.

If I do those three simple things day in and day out .. I will get to that goal. it seems so simple Right? Well it is simple but not easy. The difficult part is getting out of my own way. For example not being afraid to tell people about how great CPM and Fit Chic are (which they are so why wouldn’t I tell people)..Being mindful of always promoting and my business’s consistently everyday day in and day out (rinse, wash, repeat mode).

Last, I will visualize and write exactly how I want my day to be and then not let anything distract me or take me off course (within reason) from getting that day!

If you choose to do this day in and day out .. when you are tired, frustrated, unmotivated etc … and make this a habit see the wonderful growth that will take place in your life!

Now put that pen to paper and getting working on what it is you want from life and this 2017!

The O-Board Says…

A: AMRAP 20min
20 Front Rack Lunges (barbell)
15 Pike Push-ups
10 Body Builders

B: Finisher
100 sit ups for time

Posted By: Annie