CPM’s Guide To Focus On Your Passion This 2016 ..

CPM’s Guide To Focus On Your Passion This 2016 ..

With a New Year comes reflections and evaluations of 2015.

What were some wins?

Some things you want to keep doing?

Some things you don’t?

Do you want to take better care of yourself?

Focus on your passions more?

Embrace the small success’?

More family time?

Before you know it 2017 will be here and we will be reflecting on the wins, the keep and keep not’s will be back to the fore front of our minds.

Time travels forward whether we like it or not but the more we can focus on what makes us feel happiness, peace, and fulfillment and not on all the things we wish we could do or are not doing you will be in a much better place when 2016 comes to a close.

Wednesday the BIG Billion Dollar Power Ball ticket craze was on everyone’s radar. So rightfully so, Chris and I started to ask the question ..

What would we do if we won the jackpot?

Both of us sat there and pondered and then simultaneously said “What we Are Doing”!

I feel such joy and fulfillment in my work and it makes me feel like I won a lottery everyday!

Here are some vital actions to take to “Live Your Best Year Yet”

# 1 Identify the exact “what” it is you want to make your life passion filled?

#2 Instead of focusing on all you aren’t doing start focusing on all that you are …

# 3 Act as IF .. Act the way you want to now .. don’t wait for the right time!

# 4 If you are scared you know it’s right …

# 5 Invest and Believe in Yourself .. “YOU CAN DO IT”

Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet!

The O-Board Says…

EMOM 10:
Even 20/18/15 Wall Balls
Odd: 10/8/6 burpees

Row For Cals
Lateral Hops
Slam Balls

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