ALL IN Challenge Status Update

It’s time to buckle up in more ways than one. We are blazing to the finish line of the challenge with 6 days left and lots of participates are having to tighten up their pant belts as they are seeing more results with each passing day.

(From Stets Recap Email earlier this week)
We had a great meeting on Monday. Chris, Annie, and I discussed the good and bad bacteria that are present in your digestive system and systemic inflammation to start with. I know that before this challenge, those terms were a bit cloudy for me. As we’ve read through the book and talked about it, it has become much clearer. I hope the same is true for all of you!

We then spent the bulk of the meeting on Stages of Change models. I find this really interesting and I hope all you did as well. Likely, those that have hung in there have experienced pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, and action! Perhaps some of us have even experienced a relapse or failure. We may be getting close to transcendence, or it may take some more time. Stick in there, with only 8 days left to the end, I am confident we can and will all make it!

We are requiring everyone to submit their own personalized “Success Story” to us. This is due the Friday after the challenge ends, May 2nd. Be creative, do some introspective soul searching, and convey why this challenge has changed you for the better and how you’ve succeeded!

Next week, we’re going to focus mainly on Chapters 19 and 20 and share with you our personal thoughts on how to keep the healthy habits you’ve formed over the last month. I know at the beginning I thought May 1 would never come. I’ll be honest, looking back it seems like it went incredibly fast. It has been rewarding to share this experience with everyone who has participated and it is exciting to see the changes some of you have made and connect with you on a different level.

Have a great week everyone. We’ll see you Monday night for the next meeting (probably sooner if you’re working out 🙂

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We a TON of events planned for the month of May. All of which are laid out on our new EVENTS PAGE. Here is a quick list of what you will find:

-May 9th; Our 2nd Wine Down Friday; Great way to celebrate all the hard efforts of our ALL IN Challenge.
-May 17th; CPM Spring/Post All In Challenge Party at the PARK! We will be celebrated the finalist of the challenge and making it a great excuse for everyone to get together.
-May 19th; CDA Info Meeting; We are growing and re-opening up another round of candidates.
-May 28th-31st; BAFW is BACK! Back by popular demand, Bring-A-Friend-Week

The O-Board Says…

3 Rounds

50 Wall Balls
40 KB Swings
30 Ring Dips
*Rest 2 Min btw Rounds

Post by Chris.