Daylight Savings Health Benefits Revealed ..

Daylight Savings Health Benefits Revealed ..

Sunday we all had to set our clocks forward 1 hour. So even though we lost an hour of sleep, we gained an hour of beautiful sunlight.

It turns out there might be some benefit to losing that hour of sleep. Getting a little more daylight in your life could be the best for you and your overall health and here is why …
“We benefit from being near daylight because it lowers our blood pressure, gets us in a better mood and gets our bodies producing Serotonin. It also gets the body producing Melatonin which allows us to sleep better at night,

“Our bodies are designed to be in the great outdoor. So, when we have to be cooped up in the cold of winter it isn’t the greatest for our overall bodies function. Now the sun is out longer which leads to more physical outdoor activities, fresh air, Vitamin D, and reduces the LED (artificial lighting) in our diet …

Even though we loose an hour we gain so many wonderful health benefits in the long run, and now we are even closer to spring and summer!

The O-Board Says…

A. EMOTM 8min
Odd; 3 position Clean
Even; 10 Side to Side Lunges

B. For Time; (12min CAP)
500m Row
50 Power Cleans
50 Box Jumps
500m Row

Posted by: Annie