Dear Mother Plucker

Dear Mother Plucker


We are planning to make this our biggest and best challenge yet. The Whole Life Challenge is a global challenge that starts Saturday, September 17th. Think of this as a challenge that includes nutrition plus 6 other wellness habits. Here is what you need to know:
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  • REGISTER – This is a direct link to Whole Life Challenge registration page. Click it and sign up today!
  • Join Our Team – After registration, search for our team page: CPMFITness. Invite your friends, neighbors and family to join our team also. They do not need to be CPM members to participate.
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  • GET EXCITED! This is going to be a great challenge!

Dear Mother Plucker… 

I’ve been trying to come up with new blog ideas and Chris threw a great one at me the other day. I’m going to answer questions I get throughout the week at CPM. Today I’m going to talk about my crazy hair. If you see me in a ponytail you probably don’t realize just how crazy and big it is this summer. So why the big hair? That’s a great question. My hair wasn’t always like this. In fact, my hair changed dramatically when I joined CPM.

I’ve always had lots of hair. It’s not course hair though, it’s very fine. Lots of fine, straight hair. A while back my hairdresser and I were discussing how thick and curly my hair had gotten. She said she noticed the change when I joined the gym. Keep in mind she lives in Canton and knows very little about CPM. I thought about it and realized she is right. My hair has gotten really thick and curly and it grows like crazy. So what is going on that is making my hair do this? Let’s review changes I’ve made since joining CPM….

  1. New workouts. This one is obvious. I went from logging many many running miles each week along with a little circuit training to these kick butt workouts at CPM. My body has changed for the better.
  2. Ditched the bad stuff. I was eating Grape Nuts every morning for breakfast and I was starving by lunch. I wish I would have figured this one out earlier (especially when I was home with my kids…wow). Eliminating most grains, dairy and sugar helped me realize food was the cause of that sluggish feeling I had every afternoon.
  3. Added the good stuff. I’m eating lots of meat, veggies and some fruit. Energy level is through the roof! You know me well enough to know I still eat the sweets on occasion. Dark chocolate every night 🙂
  4. Coconut oil. This is the biggy. I consume a lot of coconut oil every day. Starts with my bulletproof coffee in the morning, eggs cooked in coconut oil for lunch and probably sweet potatoes cooked in coconut oil at night. LOVE the stuff and I’m pretty sure it’s the main cause of this crazy hair I’ve got going on.
  5. Sleep. The CPM workouts wipe me out. I used to struggle to get to sleep at night. Not anymore. Can’t stay awake even if I try! I challenge you to find me a workout that will give me the same benefits I get from a heavy power clean + running workout.
  6. Hydration. I ditched my Diet Mt. Dew when I joined the gym. Now water, coffee and an occasional breve are my drinks of choice. Sugar content in half & half is much lower than milk… just an fyi 😉

I review the changes I’ve made in my life and it’s no surprise my body is showing me how good it feels by giving me some crazy thick hair.

Now I want to hear from all of you…do you have a burning question about the gym, gym members, food, supplements, workouts? Send them my way and I’ll see what I can do to answer your question. No question is off limits!



The Oboard Says..
AMRAP 30 Minutes
400m Run
12 Romanian Step Up (R)
12 Romanian Step up (L)
12 Dumbbell ManMakers
15 Ball Slams
15 Pull-Ups
60 Twisting Thai Plank
20 Arch Rocks
Posted by: Emily