Dear MP… How Can I Be Successful at the Whole Life Challenge?

Dear MP… How Can I Be Successful at the Whole Life Challenge?

Whole Life Challenge – Starts Saturday!

We are planning to make this our biggest and best challenge yet. The Whole Life Challenge is a global challenge that starts Saturday, September 17th. Think of this as a challenge that includes nutrition plus 6 other wellness habits. Here is what you need to know:
  • WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE – Everything you need to know about the Whole Life Challenge, can be found here.
  • REGISTER – This is a direct link to Whole Life Challenge registration page. Click it and sign up today!
  • Join Our Team – After registration, search for our team page: CPMFITness. Invite your friends, neighbors and family to join our team also. They do not need to be CPM members to participate.
  • Look for an email with more information to hit your inbox soon.
  • GET EXCITED! This is going to be a great challenge!

Dear Mother Plucker… What Can I Do to Succeed at the Whole Life Challenge?

I am getting LOTS of questions about the Whole Life Challenge this week. I think most of you have figured out how it works by now but I thought I would share with you how I plan to make the Whole Life Challenge work for me.

  1. Meal Prep – I’m going to need at least 2 hours each weekend to meal prep. I’m thinking Sunday morning I will be making an egg bake, paleo buffalo chicken casserole and probably one more item for the week. My husband always makes pork chops to have throughout the week so it’s possible I can incorporate those into my lunches also. Just realized I can have whey protein and oatmeal on the lifestyle challenge level so oatmeal for breakfast and shake for lunch may work some days too.
  2. Put more focus into my lunch – I’m great about eating the right breakfast and dinner but I struggle with lunch. It’s the middle of the day, I’m usually coaching or working out over the noon hour and I don’t feel like I have time to sit down and eat. So during the challenge, I will prep a healthy lunch and I will eat it every day!
  3. Ditch the breves – I’ve been drinking a breve (espresso + half and half) every day. I’m saying goodbye to them during this challenge. I don’t think it will be as hard as I originally thought. If you are curious as to why I don’t want them now, ask me at the gym. I’m not going to write about it 😉
  4. Early to bed Sunday – Thursday – I have to be up at 3:45 am on Monday and Friday mornings. That is going to make it really hard to get my 8 hours of sleep in. I think I can do 7 on those days though and 7 isn’t bad. But my plan is to be in bed by 8:30 every night, 8 on the nights before an early coaching morning. I’m setting my sleep level at 7.5 because 8 is not going to happen on my early coaching mornings.
  5. Don’t give up – My biggest issue with the Whole 30 was that once I had one little cheat, I was out of the challenge. That was somewhat demotivating for me. I have a wedding during the challenge and there is no way I’m not eating a piece of wedding cake. So I lose a point, no big deal. Or maybe I don’t get any points that night. Regardless, I pick up where I left off the next day and continue to rock this challenge!

Good luck to everyone in the challenge! This is going to be so fun. I’m excited to watch your points and be motivated to keep up with all of you!!


The Oboard Says…
Part A:
AMRAP 5min
Part B:
AMRAP 20min
Ladder Up
DB Push Press
DB Step Up
*every time you set DB’s down, 200m Run
Posted by: Emily