Dear MP…I See Someone Cheating, What Should I Do?

Dear MP…I See Someone Cheating, What Should I Do?


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Dear Mother Plucker…I See People Cheating in Class. Should I Say Something?

Oooooh…I love this question. No, I don’t love cheaters but this is something frequently discussed at the gym. My thoughts on this have changed dramatically since I joined CPM.

Let’s discuss the ways to cheat a workout first:

  1. Cutting reps in “For Time” workouts – In my opinion, this is the most common method of cheating. You are supposed to do 25 reps but get to 20 and decide 20 is enough.
  2. Cheating a movement – Your squat is barely parallel when it could be lower, you can do 50 push-ups in 30 seconds with little bend in the elbows, you toss the wallball 2 inches.
  3. Adding reps or rounds in an AMRAP – The coach is gathering people’s scores and you inflate your reps a little or maybe a lot.

Next let’s discuss why people do this:

  1. You are embarrassed. This reason doesn’t bother me as much as others. Some people are very sensitive about their scores or times if they are unable to keep up with the rest of the class. So they increase their reps to make their workout look a little better than it actually was. Or they moved on from a movement before they had all of their reps in because they were so far behind.
  2. You want to win. This reason bothers me the most. Cutting reps in a For Time workout is only hurting you. So you cut reps or cheat reps just to win. Everyone else just got a longer workout and they performed the movements better. You won on the board but ultimately lost. I would rather be the last person to finish and walk away knowing I got a kick butt workout. I’ve said it before, no one at CPM has the ability to win every workout.
  3. You are clueless. I truly believe this is the case for some members. They don’t know how to count reps or they get confused easily. Not a big deal. It happens to all of us at some point.
  4. They lack range of motion in movements. We have people at CPM who cannot squat to parallel. Before judging, we must be cautious as to what could be limiting the member from performing a full squat or a full push-up.

So what do we do about it? In my opinion, you, as a member, should do nothing. Is the fact that someone is finishing before you or getting more reps really affecting your workout? Probably not. If it is, talk to a coach. It is our responsibility to handle the class and members. If we feel someone’s cheating is getting in the way of people’s workouts, we will take care of it. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really can’t control how or when a person cheats but I can make suggestions to keep them honest. Here’s where it gets interesting. What if the cheating members want to do a competition? Could this be what they need to fix the problem? Possibly! A judge will be counting their reps and judging their movements. They can’t get away with it there. Do I want to send them into a competition with the mentality that they can cheat and get away with it? No. So if I hear they want to compete, I will likely have a side discussion with them to prepare them for what is to come.

Cheating used to bother me…. more than I want to admit. Looking back, I’m not even sure why. Maybe it was because I was working really hard to finish the entire workout and get a decent score only to be beat by someone who did half the workout. The thing is, everyone figures out who cheats and who doesn’t. Soon enough, their scores become irrelevant to the rest of the group and we focus on honest scores. Don’t overthink it. Your CPM workout should be fun, motivating and challenging. Let’s keep it positive and have a great time.

Send me some more questions friends. I love to hear from you!!



The Oboard Says..
For Time:
200m Farmer Carry
25 Pushups
200m Farmer Carry
25 Body Builders
200m Farmer Carry
25 Goblet Squat
200m Farmer Carry
100 Flutter Kicks

Posted by: Emily