Debunking Your Concerns (ahh Excuses)

Debunking Your Concerns (ahh Excuses)

In 2017 we want to help you get the body you WANT | NEED | DESERVE.

Last year from September – November we participated in the Whole Life Challenge. In fact, in was the most participated challenge in the history of not only CPMFITness existence but in my personal FITness career.

What is the Whole Life Challenge exactly?

It’s not a nutrition challenge… but you will eat healthier.
It’s not a workout challenge… but you will exercise better.
It’s doesn’t have prizes… but you can win!
You won’t be perfect… but you will focus on progress!

Why we are EXCITED to do the challenge again?

It’s pretty simple. Results (weight loss, increase in strength) don’t just happen. And believe it or not, the quicker they happen they are more subject to not stick around for the long haul. Results require practice and time. We live in an age of instant access to information that creates instant gratification. That can really mess with your mindset and expectations.

I can’t tell you how many times a client will say to me, “I know what to do. I just can’t stick with it!!”

I can tell you that is because we acquire a TON of knowledge but you really don’t learn anything! Huh?

Knowledge = Information and information alone doesn’t get you results.

Learning = Information that you apply through action. Without action you don’t get any results. And if you feel you have applied action but you still haven’t succeeded with your goals, you have learned enough yet!

The power of the Whole Life Challenge vs. any other challenge out there is that it specifically focuses on action. It is set up as a game. You receive points for 7 different healthy habits. Habits that need to be done consistently, like daily;-) When you act you receive points. You will partner with others on our CPMFITness (LINK) team which will provide more spice to it (camaraderie, accountability, fun and fellowship).

Friends.. This health and FITness thing is not going to just happen to you. It takes attention, focus, commitment and consistency. This challenge provides all of that plus it meets you at your level and is customized to your goals. I really don’t know why you wouldn’t want to join us?!? But here are some concerns… ahh… excuses I have heard…

“Don’t have enough time”
We all really have the same time (literally). It’s really more about your attention and priorities. I bet if you took 30 minutes to write down your real goals and then looked back at how you are spending your time you would realize quickly that they do not align. And if you shifted the use of your time you can FIND more then enough time to not only do the challenge but THRIVE!

“8 Weeks is too Long”
Maybe it’s not long enough?? This is really about your life not a certain length of time. Last year the biggest drop off on our WLC team was the start of the 5 week mark; Why? Because they looked at it like a diet or 30 day deal vs. the real purpose of building long lasting patterns of behavior. The last half of the challenge is where the real learning happens.

“I’m out of town”
Isn’t that when you would need it the most? Two of the biggest roadblocks in someone FITness goals are; going out of town and the weekends. When you routine is off you are off. Imagine if you learned how kick butt when you usually fall off the wagon… WOW! I see a gamechanger in the making.

“I don’t like it’s setup. There are too many things to track”
Your focus is on the problem not the answer. You can make the challenge work with you not against you. It doesn’t matter how FIT / un-FIT you are; If you focused on what you needed the most and stopped looking at everything you won’t or don’t want to do then you could succeed wildly! Here is a great interview (LINK) of the co-Founder, Andy Petranek, talking about his personal evolution and how he has made sustainable habits and results through participating in multiple Whole Life Challenges.

Here is your Action Item List…
A. Join our team (LINK).
B. Challenge yourself.
C. Help Others.

And then results will just happen:)

The O-Board Says…

A: EMOTM 15min
Min 1: 15/20 Cal Row
Min 2: 10 Alt. Pistols
Min 3: 8 Ring Dips

– REST 3-mins THEN –

B: AMRAP 7min
60 Double Unders
15 KB Swings

Post by Chris; follow me on snapchat; mr.cpm