DEETS of the Almost Holiday Week…

“Sleigh the Rower”… The Holiday Rowing Challenge

The sign up board is up at the gym.

Here again are the quick DEETS.
*Commit to 50k, 100k or 200k (in meters) to complete.
*Starts November 29th (black Friday) – December 24th (xmas eve)
*$30 buy in. A % of the proceeds go to the charities on Concept 2’s site.
*The rest of the details can be found HERE 

If you are concerned about the volume of meters that need to be completed think of a few things:

*Sack up, “IT’S A FREAKIN CHALLENGE”, it is supposed to be out of your comfort zone:-) And with challenge comes change.
*How do you eat an elephant?… One bite at a time. It is about the daily consistent approach that will get you successful with completing the challenge successfully.
*We have been accumulating more rowers over the last couple of weeks so rest assured there will be plenty more rowing in warmups, drills, workouts and cool down’s which will all count towards the challenge.

*Opening Schedule Open Gym Hours* More times may be available with increased demand of participants. 
Monday’s: 7:30a – 9:30a; 1030a – Noon; 1pm – 4:30p
Tuesday’s: 11am – Noon; 1p – 5:30pm
Wednesday’s: 7:30a – 9:30a; 1030a – Noon; 1pm – 4:30p
Thursday’s: 1p – 2pm; 4pm – 5:30p
Friday’s: 7:30a – 9:30a; 1030a – Noon; 1pm – 4:30p
Saturday’s: 815a – 9:30a; 11:45a – 2pm

Next Jump Rope Pre Order

In case you missed the last jump rope order or you would like to add a new color into your gym bag, here’s your chance to order a jump rope and save on the shipping costs.

We will be placing an order Monday December 2nd.

Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is one of the holiday’s CPMFITness will be closed. If you are jones’n to get a workout in we encourage you to join Annie and some other CPM’ers to get after the Turkey Trot.

Click HERE for the rest of the details.

The O-Board Says…

A. 4 Sets for Quality:
8-10 Back Squats
Rest 45 Seconds
5-7 Strict Chin Ups/Ring Pulls
Rest 45 Seconds
30-45 Sec Hollow Hold/Rocks
Rest 45 Sec

B. AMRAP 10 Minutes:
250 Row/200 Run
10 lateral Wall Ball Burpee
5 Curtis P’s

Post by Chris.