Do You Need a Detox CPM?

Do You Need a Detox CPM?

I am leaving for a trip this Sunday, where I have the opportunity to go teach yoga on the beach. Naturally I want to look good for my trip, but even more I want to feel good for the trip.

So I decided to create a 5 day detox in order to feel the best I can while I am gone. It was a clean eating plan with some good green shakes, cleansing soups, and fresh salads.

For me, I noticed I had been craving sugar again, drinking more than I am used to, and having skin break outs. I knew it was time for me to reset my meal plan.

So it got me thinking, what are some key ingredients to look for when wanting to do detox … Here are my top five reasons to jump on the Detox train …

#1 To Slay the Sugar Dragon – Sugar and processed carbs are not only highly addictive they are harmful to your overall health. Blood sugar spikes, insulin resistance, organ inflammation, obesity—the list goes on for the many diseases and health issues that excess amounts of refined sugar can contribute to. So “JUST SAY NO” and say yes to the good quality foods like fruits and veggies. Indulge every now in then but don’t allow that Sugar Dragon to creep back in!

#2 Your Face Looks Like Your Going Thru Puberty – If you are having break outs and feel like a 13 year old kid, it may be time to cleanse the body of impurities.

#3 You Feel Anxious, Stressed, or Depressed – This occurs when your brain and adrenal glands are not communicating well due to elevated cortisol levels because of toxin buildup, stress, inflammation, or microbiome imbalances.

#4 You Feel Bloated and Inflamed – When food causes an inflammatory response in your gut, it affects your whole digestive system. The more inflammation we have in the intestines, the more toxins enter our bloodstream.These cells start an immune-response process throughout your body by ingesting foreign elements and alerting the rest of your body’s protecting cells that intruders have entered the area. The macrophages attack the food your body doesn’t agree with as a foreign invader. This causes your whole body to start attacking these foods and causes inflammation in your bloodstream.

#5 Your Having Trouble Sleeping – Bad sleep can be due to underlying hormonal issues like leptin resistance and adrenal fatigue, which I mentioned above. You’ll be getting your full eight hours in no time once you’ve started to bring your inflammation and toxin levels down.

Now you know if you are experiencing anyone of these to get a simple detox diet in your life!

The O-Board Says…

A. Retest “Bring Sally Up”

B. 4 rounds for Max Reps
1 minute goblet lunge
1 minute ab mat situps
1 minute box jumps
*2 minute rest after each round

PS Don’t Forget the “Bass It Up” Challenge Starts Today!!!

Posted By: Annie Mello