We Like Sweets (and Sweat) at CPM!

We Like Sweets (and Sweat) at CPM!

Do You Want a 6-Pack?

All of us at CPM do! If you are looking for 6-pack abs for the summer, you are in luck. Be watching your email for information regarding our next challenge, Awesome Abs April. We are going to rock your world and your abs with great ab workouts!


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Easter Recovery
How was your Easter weekend? Did you dig into some Easter candy? I’m sure it’s no surprise to all of you that I did. I love sweets and there is no doubt in my mind that I have a sugar addiction. They say it’s more addictive than cocaine, right? I believe it! So this weekend was full of pie, cookies, chocolate bunnies, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a whole lot more. I’ve found that once I take a single bite of something sweet, my day is shot. It doesn’t matter if I take my first bite at 7 am or at 7 pm, I will continue to eat sweets for the remainder of the day.

So why do I struggle with this more than Chris or Annie for example? I brought Chris some cookies last week. I think he ate one… maybe. How does someone live so disciplined??? I would like to blame it on the kids (you know, having them around the house, stress, etc.) but really the kids aren’t forcing sweets down my throat. Is it stress? I don’t think I’m any more stressed than Chris is so probably not.

But then I think “do I want to cut sweets out of my life?” I mean, what is life without cake on occasion, right? I come from a long line of women who love to force sweets upon everyone that walks into their house. It’s not something I will stop doing. Focusing on the amount of sweets I consume sounds a little more like it.

Am I the only one at CPM with this problem??? Thank goodness we have kick butt workouts that take care of at least some of the 1000’s of calories I consume on a holiday weekend. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your family. Let’s ditch the sweets guys…. seriously 😉


The Oboard Says..
1 Mile Run
25 Pullups
25 Pistols
25 Pushups
50 7ct Body Builder
50 Double Unders
100 Squats
100 Situps
1 Mile Run
Posted by: Emily