Don’t Wait for Perfection ….

Don’t Wait for Perfection ….

We all hear the phrase I can’t do that I am not good enough, or I can’t workout at that gym until I get in shape etc …

What are you waiting for? If you never start working on your craft, how do you expect to reach a level of perfection?

How do you get to be great when you don’t do it at all?

Do you think the most successful people where just “born this way”? Or would it be better to assume they were novice at one time as well, but they dove right in and with practice and diligence, perseverance, and precision became professionals at their trait.

I was listening to a my favorite international business and sales expert Grant Cardone and he used a phrase that definitely pays “Perfect doesn’t come until frequency exists”.

How can we expect to get great if we don’t have reps (repetitions)?

Do you think Kobe Bryant or Tiger Woods were just born phenomenal?

Google what Kobe and Tiger do each and every day. what they sacrificed, to get to great?

They woke up before most and went to bed after many. They never missed a day, they focused on being better, and they didn’t settle for being average!

Focus on getting your reps now and taking each step day by day, and before you know it you will be the person you always wanted to be, accomplishing goals you want to accomplish, and feeling great because you are challenging yourself in the process.

When you want to quit, or don’t “feel” like doing it remember that quote and remember it takes the same amount of effort to fail as it does to succeed!

The O-Board Says…

Today’s Workout:
Run a Mile/Row a 2k
10 Rounds
30 Sec Burpee 30 Sec Rest
Run a Mile/Row a 2k
10 Rounds
30 Sec Box Jump/ 30 Sec Rest
Run a Mile/Row 2k

Post by Annie.