Don’t Worry .. Be Happy CPM!

Don’t Worry .. Be Happy CPM!

When I was reading my “Darren Daily” this morning he had a quote from the legend Jim Rohn.

“In order to be happy you have to choose to be happy, you have to plan to be happy, and prepare to be happy then you will find Happiness.” – Jim Rohn

I believe so many of us “expect” happiness and are not wiling to go out and find it.

Do you even know what makes you truly happy? That is the first step to ask yourself the tough question ..

“What is it that makes me truly happy?”

What small habits or choices can I make each day to get me to this “happy” place?

Then I know when I am receiving happiness and when I have veered off track.

You can have happiness you just have to make the choice to go after it!

Sometimes when I am dreading a workout, run, yoga etc .. I stop myself in my tracks and find happiness in the ability to move with ease and workout each day with such a wonderful inspiring group of people.

Now I have turned my negative to happiness and my whole attitude about the workout changes.

So the next time you are “dreading” a moment, a problem, and workout etc .. Turn that frown into a smile and see the blessings that come your way!

The O-Board Says…

A: Test Day 1 mile Run for Time
(10min cap)

B: AMRAP 20min
3 Rope Climb
(sub 4 jumping pullup, 4 knee to elbow, 4 squats)
10 Push Press
15 Barbell SDLHP
20 Jumping Lunge

Posted By: Annie