Evolution of a CrossFitter…

Nearly every single person I know started CrossFit with better physical phyisque as their initial primary goals. And thats why most of the general public start an exercise program too.

We get ‘really’ motivated to hit those goals

We hear alot about CrossFit being deemed as the sport of FITness, you are the athlete and you have the coaches.  Think back to when you were involved in athletics in high school, college and beyond you know that the best players were the ones that trained at home, went to the park and performed drills, paid for supplemental speed training and took practice seriously.  The rest of you just showed up to practice, did what the coach told us to do and then went home and watched TV.  The best students and the best athletes don’t just want to be the best, they take steps to improve themselves.  In the end, you are responsible for your life, the information, tools and resources are available to everyone…There are no secrets.
We encourage you to ask us questions and contact us outside of class.  You have to know and work on your weaknesses all the time!  Sometimes that may mean not doing the workout prescribed, but working on a movement, or working on strength.  For many of you that means doing a lot of work outside of that hour that you are in class!  That means making changes in your daily life and owning your health!  Life is long, stay healthy!