Example or Excuse?

Are you an Example or the Excuse?

I heard the question posed this weekend on a podcast I regularly listen to, the Cardone Zone.

It got me thinking about those people that are successful in life (esp health and fitness) and those that are not.

They both encounter challenges. They both make mistakes. They both have experienced setbacks. But the successful make an example out of themselves for others to learn from and the other makes excuses for why they didn’t achieve what they set out too.

I think the biggest reason what separates the Example vs. the Excuse is how they allow FEAR to depict their lives. And specifically 4 types of Fear (thanks to the Whole9).

Fear of admission. If you admit you have a problem, then you by default acknowledge that you need to do something about it. Change is hard. Status quo, while often painful and depressing, still may feel easier.

Fear of failure. Some folks have tried so many times to lose weight, fix their health issues, exercise more—and they consider each attempt a failure, whether they actually made progress or not. Failure is painful—and vowing to try yet again is a scary proposition.

Fear of success. Believe it or not, some people have assigned their illness or health issues as their identity. It’s become a part of who they are—they have MS, they have arthritis, they’re just overweight, and that’s how they’ll always be. And asking someone to lose their identity, even if it’s for the better, is inherently threatening.

Fear of responsibility. This is perhaps the toughest to work through. People blame “fate” for their illness—it’s genetics, it’s hereditary, it’s their environment. To accept the idea that they could feel better by changing their diet and lifestyle is to accept the fact that their own actions in part could have contributed to their illness or health condition—and accepting that degree of responsibility is incredibly difficult.

No matter the type of Fear that holds you back understand we all fight the same fight. Change your mindset and your life will follow suit.

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Post by Chris.