Exercise for the Kids

Exercise for the Kids

I spend a lot of time with teenagers in the weight room and gym. Along with school, band, choir, drama, work and homework (to name a few), they work hard to fit exercise into their lifestyle. For some, it’s a challenge to exercise twice a week or even once. For others, 2 hours of lifting and conditioning every day after school doesn’t seem to be a problem. So what is the problem?

Our kids sit all day long in school. If they are lucky, they have a PE teacher who realizes the importance of movement and uses that time wisely to give these kids some exercise. After school, they are exhausted. Not physically but mentally. Chances are they’ve eaten a lot of high sugar carbs and they feel run down. The thought of working out for many seems like a huge chore. For others, it’s an escape. But it is MOST DEFINITELY what they need.

A new study has come out recommending AT LEAST one hour of moderate to vigorous activity throughout the day for kids ages 6 to 17. That means they should be getting their heart rate up through exercise every day. Three times a week, exercise should be muscle strengthening exercise and that equals weight room or strenuous activity.

The best thing that has happened to my kids recently is having me in the weight room after school. They no longer have a choice to go home after school and watch tv because they are “tired”. They must now either condition or lift weights. Their moods are better, they sleep better and I think they are overall happier.

We all know taking care of our bodies doesn’t get easier as we get older. Start your kids young and help them get on track.

Need ideas to get your kids moving? Hit us up at CPM. We’ve got ideas and coaches that can help. Also, check out our upcoming rowing challenge. This one is for the family!

~Mother Plucker

A. Snatch grip DeadLift + Hang Snatch high pull + Pwr Snatch + OH Squat
*every 2min*

B. For time: 100 overhead squats
*every 10 Reps you stop complete 8 box jumps*

(12min CutOff)