Exercise Will Help You Physically and Professionally ….

Did you know that exercise can literally make you better at your job?

Typically when thinking about exercise, we relate it to the physical benefits, did you know that exercise can literally make you better at your job?

It can lower blood pressure, a healthier heart, a more attractive physique and also make you the best person at work you can possibly be and here’s how:

1. Makes you feel good which makes you happier and more enjoyable to work with: Exercise releases the “happy” hormone called Dopamine to send off healthy signals to your brain to literally be happier! Exercise reduces stress and anxiety which natural brings a smile to your face. Last, exercise combats insomnia and when you get good quality sleep you feel better, work better, and look great in the process.

2. It Gives You Time to Reflect and Relieve Stress –  I really enjoy rowing, and I try to do it everyday. During that time, I’m able to stop thinking about the outside world and focus on  thoughts and reflect. Regular exercise releases the physical AND emotional tensions that life brings our way, so when you are active you have a healthy way to sweat out the stress (literally).

3, Gets the Creative Juices Flowing – Exercising doesn’t train your muscles only, but also your brain. That is why sometimes when you are out of ideas and go out for a jog, you feel much better afterwards and the ideas start coming.

4. Makes you more confident – When you are feeling good, strong, healthy, and “fit” you are going to carry that confidence over to your everyday life …including your job.  You feel accomplished, smarter, more productive, more assertive

5. It makes you more ambitious. When you first started working out and your teacher suggested doing an exercise you have never seen, you wanted to run for the door. But after a couple of weeks, you could do the movements and do them pretty well. You quickly realized you were capable of more than you ever thought you were. This will overflow into your career as well. The possibilities are endless!

The O-Board Says…

1 mile run
100 burpee pull ups
2,000m row

Posted by: Annie