Exercise Your Gratitude, Rowing and Thermals!

Exercise Your Gratitude!

On Saturday, December 20th, we will be having a special Christmas workout at 8:30 am and 9:30 am. Members are asked to bring a $10 donation (cash or check) for the Make A Wish Foundation. Classes are donation based so you will not be charged a class from your membership. All proceeds go to charity. Click HERE for all of the details.

STR 2: All Good Things Must Come to An End

A few of you will shed a tear on December 24th when the rowing challenge ends and a few of you will rejoice but all of you should feel extremely proud! Hopefully you have accomplished your goal for the challenge if not more.

Here is your weekly meter goal as of Friday, December 19th.

50,000 meters – You should have 39,292 meters so far.
100,000 meters – You should have 78,562 meters so far.
200,000 meters – You should have 157,146 meters so far.

Rule Your Resolution (Our Next Whole 30)

Check out Keloland Spotlight tomorrow as we are partnering with Upper Cervical Chiropractic (fellow-member Casey Weerheim’s clinic) for our next Whole 30 Challenge. The Spotlight is for the community of Sioux Falls. Members of CPM, this is your next opportunity to participate in the Whole 30 Challenge. Just in time for the New Year! Look for a sign-up board in the gym soon. You can email me (emily.cpmfit@gmail.com) if you have any questions.

CPMFITness Thermals

Check out the new CPM Thermals in the changing room.  We will be doing a pre-order of these.  They are $30 each.  Sign up on the board if you want one!


Save The Date…

Bring A Friend Week is back, January 12th – 17th. More details coming soon!

And now another edition of….

Reflections, by Mother Plucker

My personal thoughts on another fantastic week at CPMFitness.

1. If you want to determine the number of days it will take you to recover from Annie’s birthday workout, here is the formula: (Your Age – Annie’s Age)2 / 3. I’m 37, so it took me 5.3 days to recover.  That means I still haven’t fully recovered.

2. My knees get sore from excessive amounts of burpees. Am I the only one who has this problem? Look closely at the video of Tonna doing burpees on the CPM Facebook page. Based on this video, I’m guessing I’m not the only one with sore knees after Monday and Tuesday.

3. I brought scotcharoos this week. Chris doesn’t like them. I’m annoyed.

4. And finally, we were lucky enough to have Rambo stay with us last weekend. Rambo is low maintenance and we really enjoyed it but not everyone in my house was happy.


The O-Board Says…

A. 7 Rounds Every 90 Seconds
1 Power Snatch + 1 Ohead Squat – 5x

B. For Time
Start with 50 Doubles
Power Snatch
Knees to Bow / Toes to Bar
Finish with 50 Doubles

Posted by: Emily