Frequently asked questions

The most common questions asked by our members.

General Questions

Do I have to be in good shape to get started?

Absolutely not! The best thing that you can do is to just start. We will make any adjustments and modifications as necessary.

What if I have a recurring injury?

We see it all the time – an old sports injury, a bad back, or just an accidental twist on the weekend. No matter what, we can adapt a workout to ensure that you heal, stay safe and still continue on your fitness journey.

How much does it cost?

We have several different plans and pricing options – from just a few days a week to an unlimited class membership.  Our coaches are ready to help you find the right plan for you.  Ask us for more information.

Do I have to follow a special diet plan?

The key to a healthy lifestyle is a combination of proper nutrition and exercise. At CPM, you don’t have to follow any specific diet plan, but we are here to help provide you accurate nutritional information and education.

Do I have to come to the same class time each day?

Members need to sign up for whatever class they plan to attend. Feel free to come to the class that works best for your schedule – just make sure to sign in ahead of time. Some of the morning classes fill up quickly so you will want to plan ahead for those.

Membership Questions

Can I increase the number of days in my membership plan?

You can increase the number of times per week you can attend at any time. If you originally signed up to attend three days a week and have determined that an unlimited membership would be better, just let us know and we can make that change.

Can I pause my membership if I go on vacation?

Leaving town? No matter if it is business, vacation or something more, you don’t have to lose out on classes. Just provide us with at least two weeks advanced notice for an absence of at least one week, and we will “pause” your membership and add that time to the end of your contract.

Which classes can I attend?

With your membership, you can attend any of our classes – from Yoga to CPM Fit. Try a variety and find what you like best!

If you attend one of our 45-minute morning classes, you will need to sign up early. Because these classes fill up quickly and are in high demand, they are subject to our late cancellation / no show policy.

Working With Our Team

How do I set up a nutrition consultation?

You can schedule a nutrition consultation online through the Front Desk portal. In addition, you can always send us an email with some times that work with your schedule and we will follow up with you.

How do I schedule a quarterly check-in?

Once a quarter, we love to sit down with each member and find out how things are going. This is also a great chance to follow up on goals and set some new ones. We are here to help you meet your goals! To schedule a check in, just follow the links in the Front Desk portal.