Fat Isn’t Making You Fat …

The Infamous and famous word “Fat” leaves many of us fearful! For most of our lives we have been taught that “Fat” (in reference to food) is bad right? Beware of saturated fats, fattening foods such as steak, bacon etc…. and stick to a low-fat or even fat-free diet.

Look at our food pyramid….

food pyramid

Eat mostly grains, some veggies, meat, and dairy and avoid as much fats and oils as possible!

But why?

Why are we so afraid of fat?

Here is a great article from Dr. Mercola on why “Fat” is actually beneficial for your health!

Fat is not what is making us Fat it is the processed foods, grains, and sugars that are leaving us with a obesity rate the highest our country has ever seen!

So think twice and educate yourself about what “fat” is and what it actual does to and for your body!

I eat good fats ALL the time and I am still a Fit Chic not a Fat Chic!

The Oboard Says…

Build up to a heavy 1RM bear
*every 90sec

6 Minute AMRAP
1 Round of Cindy
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
3 x bear complex 135/95

–Rest 1 Minute–

5 Minute AMRAP
1 round of Cindy
2 x bear complex

–1 Minute rest–

4 Minute AMRAP
1 round Cindy
1 x bear complex

Posted by: Annie