Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

I am a very organized person. I love checklists. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when tasks are completed. So when it comes down to goal setting, why is it so hard to put pen to paper? At night I think about my day and how I can make tomorrow different. New ideas, thoughts and goals creep in but that’s were they stay. Why not write them out? Remember I love checklists.

Writing out my goals seems so permanent. What if I fail? What if I don’t meet the deadline? The fear of failing can be immobilizing. Procrastination and perfectionism are two attributes that stand in my way.

The question I should be asking is “What happens if I do fail?” Some things that come to mind are I feel exposed, I am afraid of what people will think, I might disappointment someone but the #1 reason is lack of belief.

Most of us will stumble and fall in life. I don’t want to live cautiously. I want to live life, which means I need to decide how I look at success and failure. It’s not clear-cut but mindset. Rewriting those negative thoughts and replace them with words of encouragement. What do we really have to lose?

Goals give us structure, a starting place with a destination. Goals give me purpose. So although I might not always be successful, it’s time to put pen to paper. If we don’t act now think of the opportunities missed if we let our failures stop us!


The O-Board Says…


A: Clean & Jerk

B: For Time:
– 600m Run
– 20 C&J
– 400m Run
– 15 C&J
– 200m Run
– 10 C&J

**last did 8/29/16**

Posted By: Nicole