Finally Friday!

Finally Friday!

CPMFITness Downtown Sioux Falls!

It’s coming soon! CPM 2.0 will be deep in the heart of downtown, located on Main Street between 9th and 10th. Be on the lookout for Grand Opening Party, dual membership availability, same great set-up with a new gym personality. Stay plugged in to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube where we will leak the latest CPM DTSF gym developments.

DTSF – First Friday Flow @ CPM 2.0

Join us for our inaugural DTSF First Friday Community Yoga Class on Friday, August 7th at 5:30 pm. This class is FREE to the community and will be held at our new location in Downtown Sioux Falls. We would love to have some of our CPM members join us for this event. It will be a great opportunity for you to check out the new gym! Bring a towel, yoga mat and some water. Get ready to flow on Friday! You must RSVP by Thursday, August 6th. Get all of the details HERE.

CPM FIT Family Workout 3.0

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about all of the fabulous CPM families that joined us for our last FIT Family class. We will have another CPM Fit Family Workout in August. More info coming soon!

Bring a Friend Week Coming Soon!

Get ready to bring your friends with you to the gym. We will have a Bring A Friend Week in August just in time for you to bring your friends to CPM in the Western Mall and CPM Downtown Sioux Falls! Watch for more details in the Friday DEETS and the August newsletter.

New CPM Website

Have you noticed our new website? It’s very mobile and super cool. Be sure to check out Rambo’s pic and bio on the coaches section 🙂

August Newsletter

Watch for the August Edition of Get A Grip to hit your inbox this coming Monday. There’s lots of fun pics and great info in there!

Reflections by Mother Plucker

My personal thoughts on another fantastic week at CPMFITness.

1. I felt good on Monday so I really went hard for that workout. I was working out with the perfect person to chase so that helped. Unfortunately, I still haven’t recovered. Did you know the 15 pull-ups and 15 dips were subs for 10 muscle-ups? Here is a video of Chris doing some wicked muscle ups! Click Below to Watch!

2. Tabata… seriously, is the 10 second rest even worth it?

3. I’ve figured out the best way to keep the noon classes on task. I have Chris demo. It’s drastically reduces the amount of chit chat.

4. Is it me or is everyone at CPM getting REALLY good at handstands?


The Oboard Says..
10 -1
Movement 1: Goat (Most Difficult Movement For You)
Movement 2: Exercise You Love
Movement 3: Exercise You Want To Improve On
Group 1 (Barbell)
Back Squat
Power Clean
Push Press
Group 2 (Metabolic)
Box Jump
Goblet Lunge/Squat
Group 3 (Gym-nasty)
Toe to Bar
Ring Dip
Posted by: Emily