Find The Champion Within …

This past weekend, our gym CPMFITness had a “combine” event or test of skills if you may. We had all walks of life, and many different levels of athletes all performing tasks to test their skills. My eyes were glued to the individuals, as each of them persevered, challenged themselves, and pushed themselves past limits they didn’t think were possible.

My point to all of this is they are not only inspiring individuals with a ”No Excuse” mentality… They acted as champions!

There was a group of inspiring encouraging empowering people who have put hours into the gym, pushed through pain, and didn’t let their excuses get in the way of their championship mind-set and boy did it show!

It was so astounding to see these athletes moved so gracefully and efficiently on these tough movements’. This of course was very inspiring to watch, and made me and everyone around want to push harder, and strive to do my best.

It will not always be our day, we may not always win, but the hard-work, dedication, and willingness to compete to the finish no matter what the outcome represents a TRUE champion.

What kind of athlete are you going to represent? Are you going to give up sulk, make excuses for why things are not going your way?


Are you going work hard day in and day out, and when some days are just not yours finish what you started, get better from it and put a smile on your face because you did what you came to do!

The O-Board Says…

A. 3 Rep Max Strict Press

B. 100 Double Unders
50 Strict Press

*Every Time you Break 100 Double Unders (Doubles will be scaled according to your ability)

Posted By: Annie