Fit Chic Fitness Gifts for 2016 …

Fit Chic Fitness Gifts for 2016 …

Buying gifts for those special people in your life can be surprisingly stressful. But not with this handy list below .. I have included the top 5 items to purchase for all those active “Fit” people in your life! Now you don’t need to stress you can just click and purchase!

#1 Apple Watch Series 2: The Apple Watch Series 2 can help you reach your fitness goals. Apple did a great job building important fitness features into its latest wearable, including the intuitive ring system for tracking your activity throughout the day. Whether that encourages you to get that run in every morning, or simply stand more during your office hours, your Apple Watch will gently nudge you out of your sedentary habits if you allow it to.

#2 Jabra Wirless Headphones: In Your fitness these headphone don’t get better than these. They play your music with no interfering wires and they keep track of your heart rate with an in-ear heart monitor, and keep you moving and grooving with great sound to keep you motivated the whole workout.

#3 A lunge to lunch Gym Bag: This bag was designed to be a catch-all for your daily essentials fits your laptop with a removable pouch to help keep you organized. Durable fabric is easy to wipe clean and will give more reasons to compliment your wardrobe.

#4 A durable reliable Water Bottle: Water Bottles are all the new craze, but which one is really going to keep your water cold when you need a nice refreshing drink? The Corkcicle Waterman Canteen will be a durable, with the non-slip bottom keeps it upright on any surface, and the flat sides make it easier to grip when you’re on the move. It comes in fun colors and different ounces and sizes to make a perfect fit for any gift recipient.

#5 A Fun Stocking Stuffer: If you are wanting to give a small but effective gift for the fitness guru,.These socks act as a compression sock for just your foot. Thanks to the tight arch compression, the Elite Ultra-Light applies pressure to your arch, allowing the blood to flow better throughout the foot. But that isn’t the sock’s only great feeture: it has iWick nylon fabric that wicks away moisture incredibly quickly—probably better than any sock I have tried. The also have fun colors and variety for every personality!

Now you have the list for everybody Fitness Guru’s Christmas List!

Happy Holidays!

The O-Board Says…

8 Pull Ups
16 Box Jumps
*@ minute 9, 400m Run

Posted By: Annie