Fit Chic’s Favorite Nutrtion Picks ..

Fit Chic’s Favorite Nutrtion Picks ..

Since Monday I talked about what to eat to fuel your body … I thought I would share some of my favorite foods I have found to be both beneficial and delicious!

I feel so many people don’t even know where to begin when they walk into their local grocery store. There are distracting smells, colors, bright lights, etc …

Leading down danger aisles where your will power is over taken by the smells, and colors appealing to the eye.

Here are some great choices to stay on track that I really enjoy for each category!

Favorite Veggies: I really LOVE Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli! I eat them out of the bag like they are chips! You can create so many great combinations with these so that you never get tired of eating the same thing! Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts also have so many wonderful health benefits that keep you feeling great on the inside and out!

Favorite Fruit: Apples you can cart them around in case you are in need of an emergency snack. These also have so many combinations you can dip in almond butter, top with honey and unsweetened coconut flakes etc… Now you feel like you are enjoying dessert without feeling the negative side effects.

Must Have Munchies: Coconut Chips, larabars, raw trail mix, raw cashews, and raw almonds are also great go to snacks. They are also easy to carry around with you in case of an emergency.

Best Proteins: The rule of thumb is that meat should to be grass-fed and free of any antibiotics or hormones. We should try to purchase proteins that come from local farms that way we have more quality control when we buy eggs, chicken, etc. For fish, we primarily stick to wild salmon, ahi tuna steaks, and halibut etc .. Here are some great fish recipes to add to your list.

Killer Condiments: Dijon Mustard, Pickles, Tapatio, Balsamic Vinaigrette and Olive Oil, salsa, and guacamole.

Best “Dairy” Alternative: Almond and Coconut Milks (I like full fat coconut milk in a can), raw cheese or almond cheeses, Almond milk yogurt, kefer (great for smoothies), grass-fed butters,and ghee.

Beverages: Sparkling Waters, Sparkling Flavored Waters (with no additives), Kombucha, Unsweetened teas, black coffee (my favorite is Americano’s with cinnamon and nutmeg), and fruit water (literally pour water and mix with your favorite fruit).

Always Have in the cabinets: Garlic powder, creole seasoning, unsweetened coconut flakes, coconut oil, franks hot sauce, and having salt and pepper always adds some great flavor too.

Now you have the tips and tricks to keep you focused on your next grocery trip!

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