Fit Chic’s Top 5 Memories Of CPM …

Fit Chic’s Top 5 Memories Of CPM …

I can’t we are celebrating 5 years of fun and fitness at CPM!! It has been such an amazing journey and I feel so blessed to share in these years with such an amazing community!

There have been so many amazing events, workouts, and festivities, that it is hard to put it all in one box. So here are 5 memorable (in no specific order)

#1 Power Monkey Seminar – Here is my blog on all the wonderful takeaways from a very memorable weekend!

#2 CPM Bowling Christmas Party – The sweatsuit bowling party was one for the record books! It is always so fun to see everyone out of workout clothes and in their sexy sweatsuits! Here are even more snap shots from the wonderful evening!

#3 Wine Down Yoga – What goes better with wine … Yoga of course! Some of my favorite Friday Celebrations were shared with my dear friends in the CPM Community over wine and yoga! It was so fun to laugh and get to know you all more. Here are some highlights from the monumentus event ….

#4 Bucks Birthday and Xmas Party – Celebrating 34 was amazing and even more fun was celebrating with my CPM Family! You all are so inspiring, encouraging, and motivating and it was fun to have Christmas and Birthday Cheer all in the classiest bars in Sioux Falls!

#5 Friday Night Lights – This was so fun and such a great community event to have structured workouts and have fun all in one! Here are some memorable moments from FNL!

What are your top 5 favorite memories at CPM or your current gym that you would like to share .. Post in the comments below.


Ball Slams
Lateral hops
Wt. Glute Raises Feet on Box
Wall Sit

*1 minute Rest after each station

Posted By: Annie