Fit Gym Couples – Found at CPM!

Fit Gym Couples – Found at CPM!

Partners for Life and Workout Partners for Life!

Last week Alicia and her husband, Reed, were coming to a noon class at the mall. I was talking about what a fit couple they are and, with my new love of Instagram polls, I wanted to put a poll out there. Are they the fittest couple at CPM? Yes or No. Of course, I quickly realize that it isn’t very  nice to ask a question like that on a poll so I didn’t do it. But they remind me of Steve and I in our 20’s. Brooke commented that she thought they were like Steve and me 20 years ago…. whaaaat??? ?  Am I that old?!

So this week for fun, I wanted to highlight some of our awesome gym couples at CPM. I started by writing a few sentences about each couple but quickly realized my blog was waaaay too long. So I’m going to try to write 3 things that describe each couple.

  1. Joe and Nancy Olsen. Consistent. Role Models. Ironman.
  2. Eric and Cara DeHaan. Gazelle. Smart. Fun.
  3. Alicia and Reed Reuman. Young. Athletic. Fittest.
  4. Ryan and Lisa Boschee. Dancer. Separate gyms. Adorable Girls.
  5. Meghan and Thad Meister. Close friends. Athletes. Canton.
  6. Chelsi and Craig Beers. Speedster. Great conversation. Fast.
  7. Greg and Nicole Osmondson. Ripped. Eye doc. No handstands.
  8. John and Dawn Mohr. One morning. One evening. It works.

I had 3 couples in my 5 am class on Monday morning…. managed to get some pics ?



Take note of these awesome couples and how they make CPM fit into their busy lives! It works!

Note: With some help from Bmamba, I will be posting about the Downtown couples in a future blog ?



The O-Board Says…

How Far Can You Go?
AMRAP 25min
200m Run + 10 Pushups
400m Run + 20 Pushups
600m Run + 30 Pushups
800m Run + 40 Pushups
*(continue to add 200m on the run’s and 10 Pushups)