Fitccess @ CPMFITness

Fitccess @ CPMFITness

The Definition of Fitccess: Having success with your Fitness!

There are so many types of fitness and methodology to follow, but those most successful programs seem to have VARIETY. When you workout with variety you keep it fun, train different muscle groups, get different intensities, and see the best overall results!

I’ve been using functional fitness as my training podium since 2007 and I have far exceeded all results I thought possible. I can always work on new things, some movement in my workouts are always difficult (sometimes daunting), and I always feel accomplished when i am done! Sometimes my workouts are long and sometimes I turn up the intensity and keep them short. It is a fun game for your body and your brain, and doing both helps keep me motivated and getting me closer to my goals I am working at for that season.

Programming at CPMFITness is one of my highlights of my job. It is fun to look at movements and see how certain combinations can keep everyone feeling motivated, fit, and challenged all in one! CPM also helps me broaden my horizons and do things that I would not do training on my own! I also love that anything and everything can be scaled, so no matter what injuries or ailments you are dealing with you can still get a kick butt workout in a safe and effective training environment. I have had some nagging injuries over my career, and yet I have never missed a day of workouts. I have maintained my strength, my cardio, and my routine no matter what I am dealing with at that specific time. I have never needed to “Stop” I just changed my focus. For example when I had shoulder surgery I worked on strengthening my core, being mindful of activating my glutes and hamstrings, and being around positive motivating people who make this all worth it day in and day out!

We as humans want to have fun, feel good, and stay healthy fit with motivating people all around! What are some of the reasons you love fitness fit ones?

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The O-Board Says…

A. Clean

B. AMRAP 16min
25 Toes to Bar
50 Double Unders
*EMOTM 1 Clean*

Posted By: Annie