Five Foods that Are Inhibiting Your Success….

When I sit down with my clients I find that what is holding my clients back from greatness is these five items. Not only are they keeping your jeans tight, they are keeping you from feeling as good as you know you want to and should!

When my clients make a few minor tweaks, it makes them reach goals they haven’t been able to in years. So think twice before choosing these items and look at the long-term effects that these products will have on your body, not the short-term taste!

1. Bread/Grains – In my opinion this is the most detrimental to our health and really causing the most issues in our everyday life! Here are just a few reasons to avoid this product all together…Bread damages our gut lining, it also contains phytates that bind minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc so that our bodies aren’t able to utilise them. This leads to deficiencies, even if the minerals are present in the body. Gluten also damages our gut, we are at risk from autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, autism, MS, lupus (and more) and certain types of cancer such as pancreatic cancer. Grains contain lots of carbohydrates. Too many carbohydrates = too much insulin = fat bodies.

2. Dairy – Dairy provokes an inflammatory response in the gut, which can adversely affect how you digest and absorb not just dairy products, but all your food. Dairy (particularly milk) spikes insulin levels. This is bad in ways you can’t even imagine (think diabetes). Dairy (especially cheese) has an acidifying effect on the body.

3. Tofu – Tofu is a processed food that derives from soy and legumes. The reason these are so harmful is they are inflammatory gut irratant foods that block the essential vitamins and minerals that you are receiving from  your nutrient dense foods (like veggies, meats, and healthy fats). Inflammatory foods cause bloating and could potentially lead to bigger issues such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome),Rheumatoid Arthritis, and many other Auto immune diseases. So ditch the tofu and stick to just the veggies fit ones!

4. Refined Sugars– Sugar is harmful for many reasons but here are top reasons to stay far away. Sugar suppresses your immune system, it promotes inflammation which increases risk of disease and the aging process. Sugar raises insulin levels which can lead to many problems such as diabetes, aging, and damage to the pancreas. Think twice before reaching for the Hershey kisses!

5. Fat-Free/ Sugar-Free Anything – Avoid labels that read “Fat Free” or “Sugar Free”, these products will actually do you more harm than good! First all of these products contain many chemicals that are very harmful to our health! Also, Fat is good for us when we don’t eat good fat (such as avocado, olive oil, coconut etc..) our body never feels full. Fat also helps break down and digest our proteins and carbs so without that our body can’t break down our food as efficiently.

Sugar Free foods are equally as bad for us! The most common sugar-free items we see are   aspartame, saccharin, sucralose and rebiana. Eating too much of these chemically treated sugars has been linked to side effects including upset stomachs, blood sugar control issues and increased risk of some types of cancer. Research also suggests that eating excessive amounts of chemically sweetened foods will entice the brain to want sugary (and typically less healthy) foods more often, which is not helpful for the quality of your diet!

So now you have the tools to not only look better but feel the best you have in years. My motto is “Be the Best You Can Be” and nutrition is 90% of this! Just a few simple changes will lead you on a path of greatness!

What Tweaks are you going to make CPM’ers to lead you on your path to greatness???

Todays Workout:

A) 1RM Deadlift

B) For time:
Row 500m
20 Toes to Bar
Row 400m
20 ttb
Row 300m
20 ttb
Row 200m
20 ttb
Row 100m
20 ttb

Posted by Annie.