Fix Your Gut ….

Fix Your Gut ….

I have bouts with leaky gut for years and assumed it was repercussions from my Gluten Intolerance but little did I know it could be treated with some simple tweaks and additions in my diet.

When adding gut healing foods .. within a week my stomach felt better than it had in years.

I just made some simple small additions didn’t require a HUGE change but did make a HUGE difference. But within a month of having at least one cultured food at each meal my stomach stopped hurting and my pesky digestive issues went away.

I also noticed my allergies where so much better as well. No running nose, itchy eyes, or drowsiness. As well as when cold and flu season approached … I rarely seemed to “catch the bug”

So what are these amazing gut healing foods you ask?

Well here is a list of my top favorite foods that will do wonders for you and your gut …

I start every morning with 4oz of Kombucha (if I am feeling under the weather I will drink the whole bottle).

A fan favorite are kefir smoothies 

For snacks I have fermented foods such as saurkraut, kimchi, or pickles.

Then before bedtime I heated up a small mug of bone broth.  This not only made my stomach feel better, I slept like a baby too!

Make sure you are drinking lots of room temperature WATER too …. Water helps flush all the toxins out and keep everything moving efficiently!

For supplements I like to use a digestive enzyme and a very clean Fish OIl

Today as soon as I start feeling my “leaky gut” coming on .. I just quickly go to my trusty resources and no longer feel discomfort.

I wish more people understood that food allergies are a warning sign that your gut is out of balance. We are all made up of 100 trillion bacteria, and when these diminish in numbers because of antibiotics or drugs, our health suffers.

So if you and your stomach/digestive tract are just not feeling up to par, try these helpful tips and tricks to get you feeling the best you have yet!

The O-Board Says…

4 min MAX Burpee Pull-Ups

Rest 1 min

4 min MAX Box Jumps

Rest 1 min

4 min MAX Manmakers

Rest 1 min

4 min MAX Row Cals


Posted by: Annie