Food is the BEST Medicine

Once in a while a video really KNOCKS MY SOCKS off. The more and more I study nutrition and health the more and more REAL food (animal protein, fruits, veggies and fats ((oils, nuts/seeds) that we have available everyday is the simple and be far the best thing for us.

Below is that video. And my notes for you to encourage you to watch it (17+ minutes) and be empowered yourself. Dr. Terry has an AMAZING journey she details as well.

As an American becomes more affluent their health declines.

How does someone gain weight but actually end up starving themselves?
Ever wonder why children are born with smaller jaws? Crooked teeth and smaller brains?
Why do our blood vessels get stiff and blood pressure rise as we age?
Why do 1/3+ children become diabetic as children?

Every year in children’s schools they are more and more cases of learning and behavioral problems.

Ancient people know more about vitality and optimal health then today’s scientist.

The hunter-gatherer diet has more nutrition then the American Heart Association Diet. More than the American Diabetes Association Diet. More nutrition than the Standard American Food Pyramid.

Healthy food does cost more today but is much cheaper downs the road. You have the choice. Pay the price now to┬árestores your health and vitality. Or pay the price later with┬áDoctor’s visits, prescriptions drugs, surgeries, missed time at work, early retirement (not the good kind) and nursing home care.

We have a choice. We can continue to eat that delicious, convenient, tasty, processed foods and watch ourselves and our children grow steadily more overweight, depressed and diabetic… Or… We can to watch health care costs balloon out of control. Bankrupting us individually and collectively as a country.


We can eat for our mitochondria. Our health, vitality and the way our body was designed to eat and process REAL food.

What do you choose?

The O-Board Says…

AMRAP 18min

30 Pistols
45 Push Press
60 Wall Balls
75 Double Unders
*We will scale as needed*

Post by Chris; @cmoknows