Foods that Keep You and Your House Clean ….

I am all about using organic fresh items to eat and to clean. So what if I could use my food for both!

Here are some items that you could use to make yourself and your house sparkle.

#1 Lemons – Now you can make delicious lemonade and use this yummy fruit to remove grease and grim. All you have to do is add some water to your fresh squeezed lemons and you will have your kitchen appliances sparkling!

#2 Black Tea – Now you can brew a nice cup of tea for yourself and then you could brew one for your furniture as well. Black tea is great as a polish and rust remover. You can wipe down your wood floors, furniture, and cabinets all while enjoying your “tea time”.

#3 Olive Oil – Here is a great way to get some good fat for your body and have shiny shoes as well. Olive Oil has tremendous benefits  for your health and shoes. If your shoes need a little pick me use a little olive oil on a rag and your shoes will look brand new.

#4 Seltzer Water – Now you can enjoy some refreshing H2O and remove stains and streaks on all of your stainless steel. If you add a little salt to your seltzer you can give your fridge a makeover too

#5 Apple Vinegar – Has many wonderful health benefits such as helping with weight loss, a natural detox, heartburn reduction, natural energy booster, and removes stains in your teeth just to name a few things. Vinegar is also great for your home as well. It removes mold, bacteria, and grim from bathrooms and kitchens. It also can aid as a natural air freshener for your home.

Now you can have a clean house and a clean body!

The O-Board Says…

5 rounds of:
2:30 to complete-
15 Deadlifts
ME Toes to Bar
Rest the remainder of the 2:30.

Posted by: Annie