In or Out… Are You Still on the Fence?

In or Out… Are You Still on the Fence?

The BIG buzz today for most American’s involves New Year’s Resolutions still as the top of conversations.

The BIG buzz around CPMFITness is the Progress NOT Perfection Nutrition/Workout Challenge.

I believe there are 3 types of people in our gym and what their stance is about the challenge…

1- All In. Signed up and Ready to Rock! Wishing it had already started:)
2). On the fence. Still deciding. Could go either way.
3). Not going to participate. Now is not the right time.

Well this post is for the #2’s….

Do you ever have trouble making decisions? Winston Churchill called it, “The long road of agony.” And the agony is the period before deciding.

“Should I or shouldn’t I? But what if…? Then… What if this happens…?

You can make a pro and con list. You can research all you want. You can ask 100 people what to do. You can flip a coin. And the worst…

You don’t decide.

More failure has been caused by indecision vs. bad decision.

I recently came across a great way to make yourself decide. Call it the ‘Decision Filter’.

Simply ask yourself this question:

Am I more likely to say??

“I wish I hadn’t.”
“I’m glad I did.”


Dig deep. Trust yourself. Trust your coaches. The worst thing that could happen is you do a little better than you would have if you don’t do the challenge.

The O-Board Says…

20 minute AMRAP:
200m Run
10 Pull ups
20 Air squats
200m Run
10 Pushups
20 Air squats

Post by Chris; @cmoknows