Friday DEETS for the Week…

Next Supplement Pre-Order and TShirt Savings!

Its time for next supplement pre order of fish oil, recovery and protein powders and this time we are throwing in a little perk for our last pre order of the year… When you purchase $50 or more within this pre-order you can pick up our next legit CPM Tshirt for 25% off!

Sign up board is in the changing room.

Coach’s Development Academy Info Night (I’m excited about this one!)

Here at CPMFITness we strive towards offering the most complete health, movement and fitness program we can for our members.  This includes world-class coaching, goal setting work, accountability, support and nutrition direction.  Of course, this relentless pursuit requires us to have well trained, professional coaches who can not only cover the specifics of movements and coaching methodologies, but also communicate clearly with groups, control the flow of a class, and be present outside of class to help with the organizational aspects of our program.

Perhaps you’ve seen Annie or myself coaching during your time here and wondered what it’s like to be a professional coach?  Maybe you’ve thought of learning the ropes yourself and developing the skills involved with be a coach?

We’d like to introduce you to the CPMFITness Coaches Development Academy (aka CDA)!  This program has been in the works for a while. Over the last 13 years Annie and I have learned many different fitness regiments, methodologies and philosophies in our FITness career. It has taken us to the place we are today. One of our passions is helping individuals reach their goals and dreams as an athlete. But it doesn’t stop there. Starting in January we are introducing a program to develop athletes (YOU) into coaches and taking them to a world class level.

WHEN: Monday December 16th
TIME: 7:45p – 8:15p

At the info night we will cover: The overall goals of the program, program description, pre-requistes, entry requirements, participation requirements, and Q & A.  Email me at cpm to reserve your spot.

The O-Board Says…

A. Yoga FIT

B. 5 Rounds for total time
7 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20
14 Ring Rows
21 Kettlebell Swings 72/53

Post by Chris.