Friday Fun DEETS…

The CPM ‘ALL IN’ Challenge

Mark your calendars for Monday, March 24th at 745p – 815p. We will be having a informational night regarding the CPM ‘ALL IN’ Challenge. We will discuss the rules, regulations, provide necessary handouts of information and answer all of your questions or concerns. Our job this evening to paint you a very clear picture of the potential you have and the guidelines to follow to ensure you are more than successful.

Look out next week for a sign up board, Facebook event and other sources of information popping up throughout the gym.

Here are more of the details…
*Dates: April 1st – April 30th
*Before and After Pictures (confidential of course:-)
*Weekly deadlines of a Food Log (similar to our previous nutrition challenge)
*Weekly Monday night meetings. Classroom style teach and empower you how to win!
*Winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (co-ed)

Btw… You really need to get this book: IT STARTS WITH FOOD

In other news…

BYOT for the New Showers

The showers are fully functional and helping those out that need to get to work in the morning, take that mid day workout and still get back to work or need to be somewhere after the workout in the evening. We have soap and shampoo at the gym for everyone to use. However, we do require you to BYOT (Bring Your Own Towel).

The O-Board Says…

Run 400m
50 Wall Balls
25 Toes to Bar
3 rounds:
8 Shoulder to Overhead
12 Pullups
12 Ring Dips
Run 400m
50 Wall Balls
25 Toes to Bar

Post by Chris.