Friday Night Lights – The Best One Yet…. 18.2

Friday Night Lights – The Best One Yet…. 18.2

12 Crazy Minutes!

I was instantly in love with the 18.2 workout. Wait, no I wasn’t. The burpees were bugging me but I was excited about the rest.

12 Minutes
DB Squat (50/35)
Burpee over Bar
With remaining time…. 1 RM Clean

Let’s see, the dumbbell squat at 50/35 sounded challenging but doable. I figured I would struggle with the burpees. The 1 RM clean ? I was in love with the clean and thought it would be a real crowd pleaser at the end.

As soon as I started I knew I had underestimated the squats. It wasn’t that I needed to slow down on them that much but my legs were on FIRE! Not too big of an issue except I need those legs when I start my cleans. The burpee over bar wasn’t bad. I’m not a huge fan of jumping over the bar so I was also pleasantly surprised when the jump didn’t suck as much as I thought it would.

I was working out next to Trevor, Eric, Courtney and Reed. I’m keeping an eye on Courtney and Reed during the squats and burpees. Suddenly I’m like a round behind them. No clue how that happened. Maybe Kyle made me do round 6 twice?? ? Started trying to keep up with Trevor…. also very challenging. FINALLY I finish the ladder. I know I can power clean more than I can squat clean so power clean it is. There wasn’t a whole lot of time on the clock so after hitting 145 easy, I throw on 165. I miss once then get it the second time. Let’s try 175! I’ve only power cleaned 175 once in my life and the second time wasn’t going to happen that night. Had there been 2.5 pound plates available, I would have gone for 170.

Lessons I learned from this WOD:

  • Bring small 2.5 and 5 pound plates from downtown for a WOD like this. People were scrambling to find the small weights to throw on their bar.
  • Don’t freak out because I can’t keep up with Reed and Courtney. It’s ok. Really… it’s ok.
  • Start squat cleaning. My left shoulder was throbbing a little on the ride home. My squats are getting better and there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to squat clean as much as I power clean. No more avoiding it.
  • Just like I tell members when working towards a 1 RM in class. Take Your Time! Had I not rushed into my 175, I think I could have hit it. I should have given myself more recovery time before the attempt.
  • Scale! Not getting to your clean in this workout would be sad ☹️ Scale the dumbbell weight to a reasonable weight that will give you some time to do your lift.
  • Help each other out. A small tip like “fast elbows” or “drop under the bar” can help your buddy out!

All in all, a killer WOD. This one is at the top of my list for great Friday Night Lights workout. So what’s it gonna be next week? I’m guessing something a little more gymnasticy but if I could choose I would ask for another shot at the max clean ?

The Oboard Says..
A. EMOTM for 8min
ODD: 10 Side Plank Up’s (ea side)
EVEN: 10 KB Windmills (5 ea side)
555m Row
45 KB Swings
35 Sit-ups
25 Box Jumps
15 Dips

Posted by: Emily