Friday Night Lights – It’s Go Time!

Friday Night Lights – It’s Go Time!

Let The Games Begin!

The build-up to Friday Night Lights went fast. Crazy fast! I’m taking a short break from Gym Rat Chit Chat to recap the FNL experience each week. The workouts, the people, the highs, the lows…. there will be lots to tell!

About 50 CPM members and coaches are participating this year and several of them are anxiously waiting as you read this to see what 18.1 will hold. Where do we find this information? Follow Crossfit on Facebook (click HERE). You will receive a notification when they go live to announce 18.1 where they will showcase two top athletes going head to head in the workout. Keep in mind as you watch these athletes that they are pros. You will not complete the workout as fast as them, you will not get as many reps and you will most likely have to scale weight or movements. Most of us will! So enjoy watching them compete. It’s no different than watching the NFL and it’s amazing to see what these athletes can do!

Next, sign in for your heat on Friday night. We have 4 heats…5:30, 6, 6:30 and 7. We will review the workout, movements and scales with you before you start. Partner with someone new or a friend and help each other out!


  • Friday Night Lights is not a competition against other CPM members. It’s a community event where you can challenge yourself and have a great time!
  • While we will encourage you to try something new or challenge yourself, we will never push you to do something that you shouldn’t. Be smart and scale!
  • Relax! Trust me, I get as nervous about this as the next guy. I constantly remind myself that I don’t have to do anything I’m not comfortable with and my primary goal is to help YOU have a great time and cheer you on!
  • You can’t win them all. You just can’t. Even the top CPM athletes will have a workout that gives them trouble.
  • Finish strong. Ever noticed how the last person to finish a workout gets the most love? People LOVE an underdog! It might be you and that’s ok. Stick with the workout and finish strong!


The Oboard Says..
Part A:
Split Jerk
Part B:
DT Doubles
5 Rounds
12 Deadlift
9 Hang Clean
6 Push Jerk
60 Doubles
18.1 !!!!!

Posted by: Emily