FNL Week 1 Recap and My Thoughts on Being Kind

FNL Week 1 Recap and My Thoughts on Being Kind

Stop Being Mean!

Before I dig into FNL week 1, I wanted to share a quick thought with you…. be kind. Posting on social media puts a person in a vulnerable position. This week I received a message that was obviously meant for someone else but it was sent to me. The comment was about my current physical condition and it wasn’t nice. Stuff like this isn’t necessary and it gains you nothing. So before you send that message or write something that may be offensive, give it a second look.

As much as I hate the fact that I ever saw that message, it was a good reminder as to why I surround myself with¬†positive people. Perhaps that is why I’m happy. One little comment won’t make me unhappy or cause me to lose my confidence BUT it could cause a young girl to lose her confidence and start down the path of destructive behavior. What if my daughter had received a message like that? I shudder at the thought. Don’t be mean! It feels good to be nice!

What A Night!

Week 1 was great. Big crowd, positive attitudes and tons of fun! Congratulations to everyone that participated and completed the workout. GREAT JOB!!

I can’t speak for everyone but I was super excited when I saw the 18.1 workout.

8 Toes 2 Bar
10 DB Hang Clean & Jerk
12/14 Cal Row

The perfect number of toes to bar. Enough to make it challenging but not so many that it slowed people down. The dumbbell hang clean and jerk was a new movement and I loved it. The RX weight of 50/35 probably gave some of the guys more trouble than the women. For me, that was the easiest part of the workout. The cal row was quick but trying to row into the 1200’s the whole time had my heart rate high. T2B and clean & jerk were easily scaled with knees to elbow and lighter weight. This helped to make the workout a great one for the CPM community.

  • We will put the workout and scorecards in the Facebook group by noon on Friday. We will also have examples hanging on the grey board in the new gym space.
  • Heat lengths will be determined¬†after the workout announcement on Thursday night. Times will be up by Friday 8am. They may change slightly from what is already on the schedule but not much.
  • We’ll accommodate everyone best we can but those who sign into heat first are guaranteed a spot in that heat.
  • Please help volunteer to judge if you are comfortable with it. It’s just as much a part of the experience and all you have to do is count reps! Those that truly care about their score can seek out a specific judge.
  • PLEASE be quiet during the workout description before your heat. I know we’re all anxious and excited but we want to ensure everyone understands the workout. Also, I hate to have to get my “mom” voice out ?

Thanks again CPM for a great Friday Night Lights Week 1!


The Oboard Says..
PartA. EMOTM 10min
ODD: 10 Side Arch Ups (each side)
EVEN: 20 Dumbbell Overhead Sit-Ups
B. AMRAP 20 minutes of
5 Pull-Ups (Weighted)
10 Push-ups (with feet on a box)
15 Squats holding a 45 pound plate
*last did 3/1/16 and 1/14/15*
18.1 !!!!!

Posted by: Emily