Friend or Foe

Friend or Foe

Misery Loves Company

Do you have friends or family members with bad habits? We all do. Drinking, unhealthy eating, gambling, smoking, not sleeping. I have some bad habits myself such as overindulging in sweets from time to time. It happens. I move on.

So when you choose to partake in one of your bad habits, do you try to rope others into doing it with you? I’m eating cake so you should eat cake too. Or I’m having a smoke so you should too. Why do we feel the need to have people that we love do something bad with us? If we truly love and care about them, we would encourage them to take care of their bodies.

My mom developed diabetes in her 60’s. She was never that overweight so the possibility of developing the disease really scares me. Her diabetes operates like that of a Type 1 diabetic and she has yet to gain control of her blood sugar levels almost 10 years later. I watch her go low, go high, prick her finger, check her levels over and over. Our health is not a joke. Don’t be convinced by others that it’s ok to eat whatever you want whenever you want every single day. Or that it’s ok to smoke, drink heavily, starve yourself. These things are not ok and they are dangerous.

So if you aren’t feeling good about yourself, do something about it. Treat yourself to a healthy meal, a workout or just coffee with friends. Don’t drag others down with you. Yes, misery loves company but you don’t have to be miserable. Every day when I wake up, I make the decision to be happy despite what I would consider some very stressful factors in my life at this time. And when you do make a bad decision, just move on! A treat or drink from time to time isn’t the end of the world. And it’s ok! But know when enough is enough.

Have a Wonderful 4th of July!!

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The O-Board Says…

Part A:
Power Cleans

Part B:
Row 800m
22 Wallballs
11 Muscle-Ups / 22 Pull-Ups
22 Power Cleans
11 Muscle-Ups / 22 Pull-Ups
22 Wallballs
Run 800m