How do you Explain CPM? #realNews

How do you Explain CPM? #realNews

Bring-A-Friend is officially coming… #gymbuddies

The BIG question I love to ask others around the gym is, “How do you explain CPM to your friends?” or, “What do you tell your friends about our services?

*Great Workouts
*Awesome, Knowledgable and Friendly Coaches that really care about you.
*Fun and Motivating environment.

Beyond the obvious points;-) Here is a look in more depth to what we are involved with here at CPMFITness.

Our Mission:

  • Create an organization that allows anyone to accomplish their Health and Fitness goals
  • Inspire change and seek to make a positive difference in our local communities
  • Seek continued growth to affect as many people as possible through sustainable and responsible actions

Our Vision:

  • To become the premier Health and Fitness organization in Sioux Falls.
  • This includes the highest quality coaching of Functional FITness, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and Running, as well as Nutritional, Mobility, Accountability and Motivation.

What Does CPM stand for?

C = Courage; It takes courage to succeed in any endeavor in life. Especially when you taking charge of your health and physicality. We will always have fears and failures in our life. It’s not about being fearless, it’s about acting with Courage.

P = Potential; Our human potential inspires me everyday. We all have more in the tank. It’s all about chasing our potential rather than perfection. For more read HERE

M = Motivation; Motivation is like a muscle. It needs to be exercised regularly. It will be fatigued. Building motivation comes from your internal (thoughts) and external (action and environment).


We are visionaries and go-getter’s! When we can stand behind something we believe in with everything we’ve got, we will make things happen!

We love people first. CPM members are the best of the best kind of people. We treat them like GOLD and appreciate them everyday. When someone emails, we email them right back! When someone posts something on Facebook, we post right back! When someone has specific questions, we answer them! We remember everything about everyone.


Our goal is to make each member feel like they are the only client.

Our Coach 4 Life program provides the ultimate accountability, support and personalized guidance to creating and keeping the body you want and deserve!

The group classes we teach is a no holds bar kinda class with the people 1st. The warm up is fun, inviting and welcoming. It is a time to connect or continue to create those powerful relationships. Our instruction is clear and concise. Everything we do has a personal touch; we remember peoples strengths and weaknesses, their weights, their nicknames, etc… Safety, organization and efficiency is #1 and in place before the workout begins. When the class begins we light it on FIRE! The music is pumping, the energy is an extreme HIGH, every time someone completes a class they will get results every time.


We see ourselves in Sioux Falls as the “Go-To” Health and FITness Facility to the residents, businesses and everyone in the surrounding area. We have built THREE successful 200 member FITness boutique gyms; (CrossFit Sioux Falls (2008-2011), CrossFIT 818 in California (2011-2013) and CPMFITness in the Western Mall (2013 to present).

Currently we have (2) locations Western Mall, Downtown. One big corporate location, DocuTAP. We work heavily in the corporate sector with companies like; Vance Thompson, Lloyd, Hegg, Silverstone, City of Sioux Falls and OTA.

The future is bright my friends. Thank you to everyone involved in making this movement happen and continue to grow!

The O-Board Says…

A: Every 90-seconds for 6-rounds
Sprint 100m

B: AMRAP 15min
10 Wallballs
10 Toes to Bar
10 Box Jumps

Post by Chris; follow me on snapchat; mr_cpm